Blank Counter, a WordPress plugin

Blank Counter it a simple WordPress plugin that counts all clicks on your site that has target set to blank. This is an excellent way to monitor clicks on manually added affiliate links, or simply track how many people checks out your source links. This plugin requires no modification of links on your site to work.

Download Blank Counter 1.0.3


  • Track all links that has target set to blank. No modification of the links are needed.
  • For posts/pages that have same links the statistics is merged.
  • Possible to view how many clicks your links have on a page/post basis. (Where is your affiliate links most profitable)
  • Supports the new WordPress version 3.4

Remember this is not a ordinary statistics plugin, for that you should use a service like google analytics. This is a simple WordPress plugin that gives you a simple overview of outgoing links, nothing more.

  • Geert

    Dear Themerev,

    thank you for your plugin. It meets all my needs.

  • Chris

    Just what I was looking for and very simple. Thanks.